Campus Food Map

University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Do These Symbols Mean?

         Local food is any food produced within 150 miles of the university or within the state of Wisconsin. The most common local products are bread, baked goods, Wisconsin cheese and dairy, ice cream, and fresh produce. Eateries earned a symbol in this area for providing 25% or more local food products on their total menu selection.

        Fairtrade means that products come from producers who are justly compensated. Fairtrade aims to help producers in developing countries make better trading decisions and promote sustainability. Coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolate are the most common products that are fairly traded. Eateries earned this symbol by providing any fairtrade items and most of these places only provide fairtrade coffee.

        Vegetarian is the practice of abstaining from consuming any red meat, poultry, seafood, or any flesh product produced by an animal. Any product that results in the slaughter of animals is not part of a vegetarian diet. Most vegetarian diets are derived from plants and grains, and may include eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese. Eateries earned a symbol in this area for offering 25% or more vegetarians meals.

        Composting is the process of allowing organic material to decompose into nutrient rich matter. Compost can be used for fertilizer or soil amendment and is used for farming, gardens, landscaping, horticulture, etc. Although many eateries practice pre-consumer composting, eateries earned a composting symbol by providing composting bins for post-consumer composting.

        Recycling is the process of modifying waste materials into new products. This prevents waste of useful material, build-up in landfills, reduces consumption of raw materials, reduces energy use, air pollution, water pollution from landfills, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Recyclable materials include glass, paper, and plastic. Eateries earned a symbol by providing labeled recycling receptacles on location.

        Reusable kitchenware are products aiding in food consumption that can be reused at each meal. This includes silverware, dishware, cups, and napkins. The use of reusable kitchenware reduces cost, waste, landfill concentrations, etc. Eateries earned a symbol in this category by providing any reusable kitchenware options for customers.

        Reusable mug discount is a program offering customers the chance to fill their order at a discount by using their personal travel mug. This allows for a reduction in waste by deterring the use of disposable plastic/paper cups. Eateries received symbol recognition in this area for providing any sort of discount to customers who utilize their own reusable mugs.

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